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Top 10 “Black Hat” Hackers and Their Conquests



Top 10 “Black Hat” Hackers and Their Conquests

Top 10 “Black Hat” Hackers and Their Conquests

“Hacker”…  To some, the one description of this phrase is “someone that steals my credit card information from chain stores”. Listed here are a couple of definitions of “hacker” from Merriam-Webster:

:  an individual who’s inexperienced or unskilled at a selected exercise

:  an professional at programming and fixing issues with a pc

:  an individual who illegally beneficial properties entry to and typically tampers with data in a pc system 

The time period was utilized to the pc and know-how finish of our world again within the 1960’s when  a counterculture group nicknamed “Yippies” (Youth Worldwide Celebration) began reverse engineering telecommunication methods to be able to make free phone calls (to place it merely). Sure girls and gents lengthy distance, land line phone calls that had been paid for by the minute had been the “go to” communication earlier than web, cell telephones and the like. These calls had been additionally anyplace from $2 to $10 per minute relying the place you had been calling.

Quick ahead to the present timeline and we now have the definitions regarding computer systems and all of their titles, subtitles, slang and different assorted descriptions. There’s black hat, white hat, gray hat, blue hat, elite, cracker, hacktivist and the evolutionary listing goes on. “White hat hackers” are those that use their expertise to hack for the development of web safety and to point out folks threats that exist. “Black hat hackers” are those that pursue unlawful or malicious hacking. Now, this miniscule a part of the world believes that every one hackers begin out harmless and as white hats. If for no different purpose, concern of getting caught. Is it the problem that draws? Curiosity? Vengeance? It may very well be anybody or all of those causes. I’m instructed that, in sure instances, it’s described as an habit after the primary success and develops into a way of life for others. From right here many drift towards “the dark side”. Everyone seems to be accustomed to the temptations of the darkish facet of something. Energy, wealth or simply bragging rights is usually a close to magnetic draw to a person of any background or schooling.

In the end, there winds up being “greatness” on each side of the black / white line. Right this moment we take a look at the “Black Hats”. Please needless to say even Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg had been thought-about Black hats at one cut-off date. Are you able to think about our world if all rallied as white hats and labored collectively?!

The highest 10 Black Hat hackers from my perspective:

Top 10 “Black Hat” Hackers and Their Conquests

10: Kevin Poulsen (Darkish Dante)

Deemed because the “Hannibal Lecter of computer crime” within the 1980’s By Los Angeles PD for hacking the phone strains of radio station KIIS-FM to safe himself because the 102nd caller to win a brand new Porsche 944. He was ultimately caught by the FBI in 1991 and plead responsible to counts of mail, wire and pc fraud and additionally exposing information on a covert enterprise run by the FBI. He was given 51 months in jail (the longest sentence ever given for hacking on the time). On a better be aware, Mr. Poulsen is now a journalist and Senior editor for “Wired” information. He’s additionally well-known for his work on figuring out over 744 intercourse offenders with MySpace profiles. Properly achieved Kevin!

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9: Albert Gonzales

Accused of masterminding the most important ATM and bank card theft in historical past. Between 2005 and 2007, he and his group had allegedly bought in extra of 170 million credit score and ATM card numbers. When he was lastly arrested authorities seized $1.6 million {dollars} in money which included $1.1 million buried in mother and dad’s yard. In 2010 he was sentenced and is now serving 20 years in federal jail.

Top 10 “Black Hat” Hackers and Their Conquests

8: Vladimir Levin

St Petersburg, Russia circa 1994. Mr. Levin succeeded in transferring 10 million {dollars} from the accounts of Citibank purchasers into his personal private accounts registered around the globe. Though his hacking profession was brief lived solely $400,000 of the unique 10 million was ever recovered. His strategies? He recorded telephone calls whereas folks punched of their account numbers and used their very own numbers in opposition to them.

7: Robert Tappan Morris

November 2, 1988, Mr. Morris launched a worm that took down one-tenth of the Web, crippling 6,000 plus pc methods. Doesn’t look like a lot however, keep in mind, that is 1988 when Atari was the “go to” gaming system! His downfall? Like a variety of loopy youngsters of this technology, Mr. Morris couldn’t maintain his personal mouth shut and had been speaking about his “worm” for months earlier than releasing it.  He was additionally the primary hacker convicted underneath the Laptop Fraud and Abuse Act however solely had neighborhood service and a high quality. Mr. Morris is at the moment a high quality and upstanding particular person employed within the division of Electrical Engineering and Laptop Science at Massachusetts Institute of Know-how (MIT).

Top 10 “Black Hat” Hackers and Their Conquests

6: Michael Calce (Mafiaboy)

In February of 2000 (proper after the Y2K scares in fact) Mr. Calce launched DOS assaults in opposition to massive business web sites together with Yahoo, Amazon, Dell, Ebay and CNN. As described above, Mr. Calce and his group carried out their shenanigans to ascertain pleasure and dominance (bragging rights). Caught and convicted in Montreal’s Youth Courtroom, he was sentenced to eight months in an open custody program, one yr of probation, restricted web use and a small high quality.

5: David Smith

We owe our because of Mr. Smith for creating and distributing the notorious “Melissa” virus. Keep in mind her? Though Mr. Smith claims that the virus was by no means meant to do hurt, it’s easy technique of propagation overloaded methods and servers around the globe. The ultimate humiliation for Mr. Smith on this case is that there had been over 60,000 viruses recognized on this planet on the time of his conviction and he has nonetheless been the one particular person to ever go to federal jail within the USA for releasing one.

Top 10 “Black Hat” Hackers and Their Conquests

4: Adrian Lamo The “homeless hacker”

This gentleman used all the pieces from libraries to espresso retailers to maintain from getting caught for his hacking adventures. Breaking into excessive profile networks akin to The New York Instances, Microsoft, Yahoo and MCI Worldcom was his declare to fame. His mistake was including his identify into the NYT’s database as an professional supply and doing a little unlawful analysis. Finally caught after a 15 month investigation Mr. Lamo was sentenced to six months home arrest at his dad or mum’s dwelling, two years of probation and $65,000 of restitution. Right this moment Mr. Lamo is working as a risk analyst and donates his time and expertise to a Sacramento-based nonprofit group.

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3: George Hotz

The acclaimed “jailbreak artist”. Mr Hotz will perpetually be related with the April 2011 Ps breach. Being one of many first hackers to ever “jailbreak” the playstation3 (breaking by means of parameters and limitations of the machine established by the producer) was unhealthy sufficient however releasing his breaking strategies to most of the people simply made his world a complete mess.

Top 10 “Black Hat” Hackers and Their Conquests

2: Jonathan James (c0mrade)

16 yr previous Mr. James was the primary juvenile imprisoned within the USA for cybercrime. With a tremendous expertise for hacking, at 15 he efficiently broke into excessive safety methods akin to NASA and the DOD and had stolen over $1.7 million in software program. To high himself, He hacked into the Protection Risk Discount Company and intercepted effectively over 3,000 inside messages whereas amassing usernames and passwords. On Might 18, 2008 Mr. James noticed it essential to take his personal life on the age of 25. The be aware he left behind appeared to focus on the thought he can be a scapegoat and blamed for cyber crimes he didn’t commit. It learn: “I have no faith in the ‘justice’ system. Perhaps my actions today, and this letter, will send a stronger message to the public. Either way, I have lost control over this situation, and this is my only way to regain control.” RIP Johnathon. I hope you’ve gotten issues collectively.

Drumroll please! The number one on the listing of black hat hackers. The one, the one

No 1, Mr. Gary McKinnon

First just a little background on him. Gary offers with Asperger’s Syndrome each day. It’s a extreme type of Autism with a serious symptom being “highly intelligent with an exceptional understanding of complex systems”. Though victims of Aspergers are inclined to have issue in social conditions they’ve often confirmed to be outright geniuses in a single explicit topic. For Gary? It’s computer systems.

Mr. McKinnon has been accused of executing the biggest hack of US authorities pc networks in historical past. The methods concerned have been Military, Navy, Air drive and NASA. In 2002 a wierd message appeared on US Military pc screens. It learn; “Your security system is crap, I am Solo. I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels.”

When all was investigated Gary confronted costs for illegally accessing 97 US authorities computer systems inflicting a complete of over $700,000 in injury. WHY did he do it? He was trying to find data on UFOs and he believed the US authorities was hiding such data in its navy computer systems. In fact, he by no means did say whether or not or not he had really discovered something.

Top 10 “Black Hat” Hackers and Their Conquests